Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the sizes you have available listed?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that we do keep a very small back-stock  to replace any exchanged clothing. After we have reconciled all of our inventory, we will occasionally drop returned or excess inventory back into the cart. When we do this, we typically give a shout-out on social media (FB/IG/Twitter). We do not keep wait lists. So the best answer is, if you’ve missed your size, keep checking back!

Do you ever restock items?

Not usually. We add any returns/ back stock inventory into the carts once we reconcile inventory, but we typically don’t place a second order, or a “chase order” on inventory that is sold out.

If someone cancels their order will that item be added back to inventory for a customer to purchase?

Yes, any returns or exchanges will automatically sync back into our inventory.

I purchased a "Pre-Ordered" item, what does that mean?

You purchased one of our newest items! It is not available to ship yet, and will ship around the approximated date shown on the listing. Please be aware that dates are approximate and are subject to change.

Can I use more than one coupon code?

Only one coupon code is valid per order. Free shipping is never automatically applied. Unfortunately we cannot retroactively apply coupons to your order, nor can we apply them to orders made before the discount was offered. Entering your redeemed Rewards code applies towards your one valid coupon code per order. No other offers can be combined with rewards redemption.

Where do I enter the coupon code?

The coupon code box is located under the grand total at checkout. We have found that some internet browsers do not display our coupon code box. If this is the case, please try using another browser. Please remember that we cannot retroactively apply coupon codes for you.

I entered a coupon code and it didn't apply, why not?

There are several reasons why a coupon code may not apply. Possible reasons are: it is a one-time use code that has already been used, the code has expired, there is a minimum purchase amount required that has not been met, or the code entered is not valid on purchases shipped outside of the U.S. Please note: shipping discount codes can only be applied to U.S. orders and cannot be applied to any wholesale orders. If you are trying to enter a code that does not apply and does not fall under one of these exceptions, please contact us for assistance.

What is the advantage of registering for an account?

You will receive an up-to-date order status, you can manage your returns and your address book. Also, by signing up for an account you will be automatically enrolled in our rewards program and start earning points on your purchases.

Is there a disadvantage to ordering as a guest?

In addition to being unable to see the status of your order, you may not receive emails, you will not be able to manage your returns through your account and if you do check out as a guest you will not receive rewards points.


My packing slip doesn't reflect the discount code I entered - Have I been overcharged?

Our Packing slips reflect the initial charges for your product and do not reflect any discounts or codes used during check out. In most cases, you have not been overcharged and our internal system will reflect the correct charges. We are currently working on changing this process to reflect discounts given.

An item I recently ordered just went on sale, do you do price adjustments?

We would be happy to adjust your order if your recently purchased item goes on sale within 7 business days of your original purchase. Any items older than 7 business days are not eligible for a price adjustment.


Do you charge sales tax?

A 8.75% sales tax will be added to all Texas orders per state law.